the start

a lzyfarmer’s story


Rob Ginsberg wanted to grow his own herbs and lettuce — but he wasn’t sure how. He lived in a small apartment in Washington, D.C., and didn’t think plants could thrive in the space. 

Through trial and error, he grew herbs and lettuce, and then tomatoes and peppers.

But it wasn’t easy to determine how much water, light and other nutrients his plants needed in his apartment. There had to be a better way to learn, track and improve his new garden. 

So, he set out to create a solution. He visited the University of Maryland’s farm and his family farm in Nebraska. He conducted interviews with expert gardeners. He visited friends’ gardens, small and large. 

He took that knowledge and created an app to help both urban and suburban residents grow plants. 


the solution

personalized plans for your garden

Lzyfarmer wants to help both new and expert gardeners grow plants, especially in small-to-medium sized spaces.

To achieve this, Lzyfarmer will create personalized gardening plans for its users.

Lzyfarmer’s web app will help users choose the right plants for their climate, life style, gardening goals and planting conditions.

The app will then provide gardening help to its users every step of the way. 

Lzyfarmer is currently in the process of developing an app, based on research and user input.

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“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”
        -Gertrude Jekyll